My homepage. The place for experiments, writing and shameless self-promotion. It evolved in parallel with my approach to web design. The site started as a minimalist proof of concept that one can implement Flash animations without Flash, in pure JavaScript. Later on I focused on typography and put content in the spotlight.

2008 version

The third version was a celebration of typography and content intended for web designers and developers. The direct impulse for redesign was my reading of Robert Bringhurst’s book The Elements of Typographic Style. For the first time the website was powered by WordPress. I developed a custom theme to give the site its own distinct look.

Work done

  • WordPress theme
  • Porting 5 years worth of content from FlexCMS

2004 version

Work done

  • Custom content management system, FlexCMS
  • Graphic design
  • Standard-compliant code

2003 version

The first version of was mostly a JavaScript playground. Since then powerful JavaScript libraries were invented and I learned to appreciate content and usability over the whiz-bangs.

Work done

  • JavaScript animations
  • Ajax-style interaction