An old proverb says: “Every web developer should write a CMS at least once in a lifetime”. If there’s no such a proverb, there should be one.

I started to work on FlexCMS in 2003. It was a subsequent attempt to write a content management system, after the lessons from simple back-end utilities I developed for my previous projects. I had ambitious goals for its functionality. From the very beginning Flex had modular architecture with small core extendable by the modules like polls, article and news editor. The user interface was fast and robust. I used hidden iframe calls to get process back-end responses without page reload.

Experienced developers know that ambitious goals are a good recipe for unfinished projects. With FlexCMS it was partially true: the system never reached version 1.0. I stopped working on it with version 0.7, but it was good enough to power one commercial site and my very own homepage for more than 4 years.


  • Ajax-like interface (without page reloads)
  • Internationalized interface
  • Extendable architecture
  • Standard modules for: articles, news, polls, file uploads
  • Customizable CSS skins
  • WYSIWYG editor